Unsatisfactory Life=Death



You’ve probably heard this one too many times: if you’re not satisfied with what you have, you will never be happy. I’m not saying this saying is false, but some people misunderstand it or twist its meaning. Some think that it means that if you don’t enjoy your current situation in life -regardless of what the nature of the situation is-, you will never reach happiness. The thing is sometimes we’re not content with our job, our relationship, our financial matters or just about anything going on in your life. This is completely normal, but when you fail to search for the perfect alternative and the perfect change you’re in desperate need of, that’s when you will never know happiness.

We are not supposed to settle for what you have, not even once! A quitter is defined as a person who gives up easily, and that’s exactly the case when you’re stuck in a situation that you know you can get out of some way, somehow, but instead you choose not to pursue that getaway. If, for example, you aren’t enjoying your job, and you’re not even comfortable with the overall atmosphere, the thought of finding another job occurs to you a million times a day. But then you started making up excuses not to leave, like you’ve been working there since forever and can’t just leave out of nowhere. This decision isn’t about what’s right for everyone else, it’s about what’s right for you and your life.

Never hesitate to walk away from something that is making your life miserable because in the end, you’re supposed to lead a happy, long life.


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