The Sexual Attraction

We cant deny that when you like a person , for sure you take it in a sexual way in way or another . That what i want too talk about today , i want to talk on a specific day . One day , i was at his dorm and we were studying . Suddenly , he said that he felt headache and that he wants to sleep for while , i  said ok . He took all his clothes and he remained in boxer and covered himself with the white sheet . I cant take this picture out of my head , he looked so sexy that for a moment i wanted to jump over him  and don’t care about all the world , His hairy sexy chest with his hairy legs , so seductive . His cute face while he is sleeping and the sexy voice that he have , I will confest that once i took a look at him while he was at bathroom , i saw nothing unfortunately 😦 Oh , what a man … That moment while he was sleeping , he got an erection , full erection . That was the peak of my happiness , i cant deny that . Sometimes i had sexual fantasy about him , but all that vanished when one day he told me that he lost his virginity while he was 15 years old with a woman that was older than him 😦 At that moment , I wanted to kill him . He broked my dreams with him and i felt that something was broken between us . By the way , i also had troubles with a bitch at my university that pretended she had a crush on him , Fuck her . I made her go in a way . Now i feel that i am so lonely , but not crushed at all , only lonely . I don’t want things to be like first and i don’t want him or his friendship , all i want is things to be ….. i don’t know , i don’t want him to be happy because he tortured me and i want him away . I hate him from a side , but a side is still loving him . Fortunately , this side is getting smaller each day . Fuck him this little selfish fucking handsome stupid brat sexy boy :p that’s simply him 


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