My Story from the begining

I am a first year university student now and i have been into lots of experiences since I’ve entered it . The university life is very full of excitements and disappointments  . Since my first semester , i met a guy at the class and we started to get along , I used to teach him everyday since he faced hardships in studying . By the way , he is foreigner from my country . Anyway , i always wanted to stay beside him and i help him always , but i turned out that he is a big fool , big shit , big ass … He is selfish and he think himself a big fuck . Now i hate him , at least i think so 😦 He used to tell me everything about his sex life and sex is always his main topic . Many times i saw his penis fully erected , also he lied to my that he stopped smoking . Oh dear god , his cock , i wished i took a look at it for one second . He thinks himself the only man in the world , fuck him . He left during summer vacation to his country and he will be back at fall semester . I think i need a break from starring at him at university . I don’t know i still love him or i hate him ?!!!!!!! soooo confused 


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