Barbie Doll

  This girlchild was born as usual and presented dolls that did pee-pee and miniature GE stoves and irons and wee lipsticks the color of cherry candy.
Then in the magic of puberty, a classmate said: You have a great big nose and fat legs. … She was healthy, tested intelligent, possessed strong arms and back, abundant sexual drive and manual dexterity. She went to and fro apologizing.
 Everyone saw a fat nose on thick legs. She was advised to play coy, exhorted to come on hearty, exercise, diet, smile and wheedle.
Her good nature wore out like a fan belt. So she cut off her nose and her legs and offered them up.
In the casket displayed on satin she lay with the undertaker’s cosmetics painted on, a turned-up putty nose, dressed in a pink and white nightie.
Doesn’t she look pretty? everyone said. Consummation at last.
To every woman a happy ending.


Love is a game for 2

These last months have flown, literally, while they haven’t entirely been the best months of my life (yes it’s not all pink and happiness like one could be led to believe by blogland) I did experience some lovely moments and did some fun stuff. An Instagram recap is always a fun and pretty trip to memory lane. Are you on Instagram? Have you tried the new video feature? What is your opinion? If you want to follow me around London and Barcelona, you can do .

My friend David got married in a beautiful day wedding in Barcelona, the pink peonies were on bloom 
Amber organised a super friendly evening with lots of ladies, each of us brought something cheesy or chocolatey, and amber made her incredibly yummy Slutty brownies.
I tried some new beauty products and really liked them, protecting and taking care of your skin is a must 
My friend Eli has the most gorgeous little bar corner in her Barcelona apartment, LUST!
I ate lobster and sipped cocktails at the One New Change rooftop with gorgeous views of St Paul’s
Daisy got married too, her hen was a the Tom Aitkien’s restaurant inside Somerset House, the sticky toffee pudding was beyond this world! A radiant bride!
I also cooked the most (I’m biased yes but oh so yum!) delicious risotto ever! Also perfect for vegetarians. 
I went to a work event at Sushi Samba, incredible London views and the tallest balcony of London apparently, the food wasn’t bad either!
I started a new blog series, each week I will show you something new I have cooked and share the recipe and my two cents. This pasta dish will be up next week. 
I also did a bit of sales shopping, I think I’ll wear this Whistles scarf a lot and couldn’t resist this dress in this beautiful turquoise colour. 

Unsatisfactory Life=Death



You’ve probably heard this one too many times: if you’re not satisfied with what you have, you will never be happy. I’m not saying this saying is false, but some people misunderstand it or twist its meaning. Some think that it means that if you don’t enjoy your current situation in life -regardless of what the nature of the situation is-, you will never reach happiness. The thing is sometimes we’re not content with our job, our relationship, our financial matters or just about anything going on in your life. This is completely normal, but when you fail to search for the perfect alternative and the perfect change you’re in desperate need of, that’s when you will never know happiness.

We are not supposed to settle for what you have, not even once! A quitter is defined as a person who gives up easily, and that’s exactly the case when you’re stuck in a situation that you know you can get out of some way, somehow, but instead you choose not to pursue that getaway. If, for example, you aren’t enjoying your job, and you’re not even comfortable with the overall atmosphere, the thought of finding another job occurs to you a million times a day. But then you started making up excuses not to leave, like you’ve been working there since forever and can’t just leave out of nowhere. This decision isn’t about what’s right for everyone else, it’s about what’s right for you and your life.

Never hesitate to walk away from something that is making your life miserable because in the end, you’re supposed to lead a happy, long life.


The Things We Left Unsaid

How many times have you faced a situation where the other person cuts the cord between you two and simply doesn’t give a proper and legit reason? How many times have you cut the cord and didn’t clarify the reason?

I’ve been in this situation quite a lot and on both ends, and to be frank, it hurts either way. There’s this saying that I’ve told myself way too many time – and I still do- which is that things without closure are always the most painful. Let’s say you met this amazing person that gave you new hope in love, and he/she seemed beyond perfect and made the rest look like complete crap. You went on a few dates together, and everything was going very well. Great communication, great understanding, mutual respect, and the rest of the drill. Then all of a sudden, the conversations cool down and become shorter. You contemplate possible causes, but there isn’t anything! So you’re basically left in a state of confusion and loss. After all of that, that too-good-to-be-true person starts to explain, saying that life happened, and he/she is just not ready for the next level. Now, I know what you’re thinking: this is okay, it makes perfect sense. But – and this is a huge but- you’ve made it crystal clear over and over again that you were fine with waiting for the official thing. And with that, you’re left with a huge question mark holding you down all the time. Ever since that encounter, you haven’t spoken a word to that somebody, and even after all that deep connection.

On the other hand, this is something we do sometimes to others as well. We’re just as bad as the people we complain about! Oh the hypocrisy. In this case, you might be close to someone, yet they’re getting the wrong idea, thinking that you have feelings for them or something, which you obviously don’t. What do you do? Ah yes, you come up with some bogus lie just to save your ass. It almost always works without them hating your guts.

My point is that honesty is the best policy especially in these cases. You don’t want people to go through something you don’t want to go through yourself, right? It all goes back to the concept of treating people the way you want to be treated, and it kind of reflects Karma. Think of that the next time you want to bail out or want an explanation: be truthful and spill the beans! (you know you want to)